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Financial advice for 
life-changing outcomes.

Amplify your wealth potential to create a financial future on your terms.

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The financial future you want for yourself is possible.

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Tell us your what and why, and we’ll show you the how. We guide you towards financial and lifestyle freedom through financial coaching and planning, investment advice and strategic property portfolio growth.

Our advice is realistic and balanced.

Achieving your financial goals doesn’t need to be about deprivation. With our holistic, relatable approach we meet you where you are at with judgement-free advice and practical, sustainable action that moves you closer to your goals.

We’re making financial advice more accessible.

Financial freedom is a possibility for everyone, no matter where you are right now. Just like you don’t wait until you’re fit before you get a personal trainer, you don’t have to have a certain number in the bank or understand the stock market to start working with a financial advisor.

All of our clients – whatever their financial profile – receive the same level of commitment and service. Whether you want to make large investments for significant growth, want to pay off debt faster or want to fast-track savings goals, it’s never too early to reach out for advice from our team.

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"Diamond Property team have been very professional and really transparent with their services. We are really happy with the service we received and recommend anyone who is thinking about investing to please contact Maria for guidance. Our experience had been exceptional"

- Raj Shankar

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We are strongly focused on getting you significant results.

Tips and saving hacks will help with good habits, but what you actually need to get ahead is a cohesive financial strategy. Your financial future won’t change by chance - but you don’t have to try to figure it out alone. Don’t take advice from strangers on social media; get strategic guidance from a financial advisor who actually understands your unique position, your ambitions, and the best opportunities for you to grow your wealth.

You might have clear ambitions, or you may not know where to begin.

Either way, a free, no-obligation phone call is the best place to start so we can learn more about you and your goals, and share how we can help.

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