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Buying an apartment


Make your first move 

a smart one.

Strategic, personalised property advice for first home buyers.

Buying your first home is a significant step on the path to financial independence and stability, but navigating the complex world of real estate can be daunting. When it comes to making one of the most important investments of your life, finding the right home isn't just about staying within your budget; it's about investing wisely.

We help first-time home buyers like you not only find a place within your price range but also guide you towards understanding your options, being fully prepared for the journey financially, and purchasing your first home strategically so it works well with your other goals, such as growing your family, doing renovations or setting up a new business.

How we can help

Beach House
Get clear on your criteria

We’ve been helping Kiwi investors make smart property decisions since 2016. And what we know is that it’s important to have clear criteria about what kind of property you’re looking for. As part of your plan, we can give you guidance on important considerations for making a more strategic purchase.

Know your numbers

Home ownership might be a long term vision, but it’s never too early to have a plan in place to help you get there. Goals are easier to reach when you know what you’re aiming for; we’ll help you understand your finances and offer advice to help you accelerate your house deposit savings and get pre-approval ready.

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Optimise funding options

As first home buyers, there are different options to help boost your deposit.  Depending on your timeline, optimising your KiwiSaver through the right choice of fund could also benefit your savings, while switching funds at the right time might be a smart move for retaining your savings in volatile markets.

Enter the market with assurance

We believe that property success lies in your ability to invest wisely by having a clear vision of what you want, and what you need to do to get it.

Imagine paying off your home loan 15 years faster

We’re not working for the banks or mortgage brokers, we’re here for you. We can help you make lending decisions that are in your favour (not your lenders), and tailored to your financial situation and create cash flow plans that enable you to pay off your debt faster.

Take the overwhelm out of the process

You don’t know what you don’t know and there can be many hoops to jump through (Kiwisaver withdrawal, first home grants, Kāinga Ora). We break down the steps, explain the jargon, and guide you through each stage, making it a seamless manageable journey. If you are planning to use ‘the bank of mum and dad’, we are familiar with those structures, too.

Make moves with confidence

Worried that homeownership will force you to sacrifice the things you love in your lifestyle? With us by your side, you can confidently embrace homeownership with a budget that doesn’t compromise on the things that bring you joy.

Read real success stories from people who were once where you are now.

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Ready to set down some roots?

Whether you’re wondering where to start when it comes to saving, or you’re already lining up open homes, we can help you reach your home ownership goals. Get personalised recommendations from a licensed financial adviser - it all starts with a free, no-obligation chat.

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