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We’re redefining financial advice by making it realistic, accessible and holistic.

Maria and Craig

We started Diamond Property & Wealth to help more Kiwis take charge of their own future.

Getting ahead financially isn’t easy. You can find plenty of information online, but none of it is tailored to your specific situation and goals. Instead, we’re a boutique, family-run advisory firm, focused on action-oriented advice that actually gets results. Partners in life and business, we started Diamond Property & Wealth to help more couples and individuals get accessible bespoke advice. Because real progress happens when you have personalised guidance and accountability and a trusted advocate on your side.

Maria Temnyuk and Craig Johnson
– Founders and Directors of Diamond Property & Wealth

And that’s what we are to our clients

A trusted advisor that they turn to when it comes to making significant financial decisions, at different stages of their life. We’re here for long-term relationships with clients, working with you over many years as your life changes, and creating generational wealth and prosperous futures. We love seeing the journey from investment novice to seasoned wealth creator thanks to a more positive, informed relationship with money.

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Maria Temnyuk Director Financial adviser

Financial growth is possible for everyone.

We’ve created an accessible space to talk about money, wherever you are in your wealth creation journey - from getting out of debt to making significant investments or property purchases. Our advice is balanced and unbiased, but it’s also ambitious and results-focused, putting you on the road to financial freedom by showing you how to pay off your mortgage faster, create sources of passive income and benefit from great property investment opportunities.

Independent wealth gives you the freedom to make choices.

Our philosophy isn’t about getting ‘rich’; we know there’s more to life than the number in your bank account. It’s about financial freedom. Because we’ve seen firsthand how independent wealth gives

people the lifestyle freedom they want for themselves, with more space and time to spend on the things they love, to contribute back to their families and communities, break generational patterns and create futures that they could once only imagine.

So what is it that you imagine for yourself? We’d love to help you get there.


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