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Grow your wealth wisely with an 

active approach to investing.

Create independent wealth beyond the bank through strategic investment in managed funds.

Saving a small amount of your salary each month doesn’t necessarily put you in charge of your own destiny. To really accelerate returns on what you earn over a longer period of time, investment in managed funds could be the right option for you.

The diversity of managed funds makes them less volatile than individual stocks, but the volume of options can be overwhelming. Our advice is independent and unbiased, but it’s focused on aggressive growth. We help you cut through the confusion and the administrative time of finding a fund, providing recommendations for options with the best return to suit your risk level.

How we can help

Financial planning

We start by considering your big picture goals: where you are now, and where you want to be. This helps us put together a personalised plan that supports the vision you have for your financial 


Investment optimisation

Markets shift and so does your situation and your ambitions. What was once working may no longer be the best option for you. We can help you continue to get the best bang for your investment buck with the right opportunities.

Fund recommendations

We know which providers offer the best funds. We watch the market, so you don’t have to. We put forward our independent recommendations to align with your goals, your timing, and your appetite for risk.

Take control of your financial future

Managed funds are not just for high net worth individuals; it’s a growth strategy for any investor once you have some income surplus. It has easier entry than property investment, but you can still build a multi-million dollar investment portfolio (it will just take a little longer!).

Diversify your dollars

Financially successful people know that it takes more than just a good budget to get ahead. Managed funds allow you to grow through investment, while not having all your eggs in one basket.

Invest to suit your stage of life 

Managed funds range from high-growth to more conservative, meaning there are opportunities for you to optimise your investment in a way you’re comfortable with, whatever your age, risk profile and goals.

Create a prosperous future

Managed funds can be a great option for acquiring a small fortune for your children’s future, by starting to invest with even just $50 a week. While some advisers will have a minimum investment requirement, we think that even starting off small is better than no investment at all.

Could your savings be working harder for you?

Managed funds could be a smarter way for you to really optimise your savings potential. Get personalised recommendations from a licensed financial adviser - it all starts with a free, no-obligation chat.

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