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Optimise your nest egg 

for future lifestyle freedom.

Make your money work harder by choosing the right KiwiSaver fund to align with your goals.

For many people, their KiwiSaver fund is currently a missed opportunity for good financial growth. Depending on where you are in your journey towards retirement, default funds may not be the best option for optimising your gains. With the right fund, it’s possible that you could be tens of thousands of dollars better off by the time it comes to retire, or purchase your first home.

With hundreds of funds to choose from, we know it’s overwhelming trying to understand where to invest your money. So, we take the guesswork out of choosing a fund with reliable KiwiSaver advice.

How we can help

We recommend the industry leading providers

Whether by convenience or choice, you may have ended up in an underperforming fund. If your balance isn’t growing as fast as you’d like, we’ll recommend an alternative, better  performing provider that will get you towards your goals, faster.

We match your risk profile to the right funds

The fund you choose should be in line with your risk profile. That means choosing a fund to align with your appetite for growth (higher volatility) or stability  (conservative) depending on when you think you may need to access your savings.

We optimise your investment approach

What difference would an extra percent of income make to your savings target? We consider your goals and recommend faster pathways to achieving progress towards a more secure financial future.

Your future really does depend on it.

A well-considered KiwiSaver fund can help you purchase your first home, live a comfortable retirement without relying on superannuation, or leave something behind for those you love.

Get to your goals faster

Savings in the bank are a safe option, but don’t have the growth potential of a good KiwiSaver fund. If it’s a shorter term house deposit goal, or a long-term lifestyle target for retirement, KiwiSaver can help you get there faster.

Don’t leave the future to chance

Financial support on offer to you might be different by the time you reach retirement age, and your best bet is to build an independent nest egg that lets you embrace the kind of lifestyle you want for your golden years.

Make your money work harder

Your savings are invested on your behalf, meaning they’ll earn compounding returns over time. If you’re employed, your employer will also contribute, as well as a Government contribution up to $521 per year, so there is plenty of bonus income to gain!

How much more could you have in the bank at 65?

Ensure that you’re getting the best returns on your savings for a comfortable retirement - Future You will thank you for it. Get personalised recommendations from a licensed financial adviser - it all starts with a free, no-obligation chat.

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