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Investment Property in Hobsonville Auckland, New Zealand

A recent case study from a client who invested in a Hobsonville, Auckland property with the guidance of Diamond Property and Wealth.

investment property NZ
  • 3 bed, 1 bath

  • Car Park

  • House size is 109 sqm

  • The price was $812.500

  • The rent achieved $660/week

  • Unit title

Top up is $125 a week after ALL the expenses and assumptions.*

*Our client chose to lock in a 5 year rate at 3.79%. The Weekly top us is calculated based on the following assumptions: Actual Rent Achieved, Interest Only Loans.

All other expenses such as rates, repairs, maintenance, insurance, property management, accounting fees, and others are taken into account.

If you would like more info about how we can assist you with making the right decisions around property investment please get in touch today.

Hobsonville investment property interior

Hobsonville investment property interior

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