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Case Study: 6 Figure Transformation in 12 Months. (Yes, even in a recession, and no, this doesn't include any equity in a property)

I want to share an incredible transformation of an Auckland based family of four that I have been working with. They are in their mid to late 30s and both partners work as professionals. 

One of their priorities is to live a good life and have a great lifestyle. They love providing well for their children, they are very social and enjoy travelling. If I told them that they would need to be eating beans on a toast to achieve their financial goals, they would simply tell me to bugger off.

One of their financial obstacles were lack of saving, lack of focus and discipline, living from paycheck to paycheck and not having a robust financial strategy to achieve their goals. They were missing that sense of financial fulfillment and comfort knowing that they are moving in the right direction. 

Let's take a look at their starting position and their position at the end of their 12 months Financial Coaching Plan.

Clients' Starting Point - March 2023:

  • Mortgage Balance: $557,663.00

  • Wife’s income: $95,077.00

  • Husband’s income: $135,000.00

  • Commissions: $113,000.00

  • Consumer Debt: $37,028.00

  • Savings: $0

  • Wife’s KiwiSaver: $61,700.00

  • Husband’s KiwiSaver: $221,163.00

  • Other Investments: $2,347.00 

As of March 2024:

  • Mortgage Balance: $544,071.00

  • Wife’s income: $119,375.00

  • Husband’s income: $145,000.00

  • Commissions: $70,000.00

  • Consumer Debt: $0

  • Savings: $8,694.00

  • Wife’s KiwiSaver: $78,416.00

  • Husband’s KiwiSaver: $264,624.00

  • Other Investments: $5,162.00  Progress Summary:

  • Mortgage Balance: Decreased by $13,592 (2.44%)

  • Wife’s income: Increased by $24,298 (25.56%)

  • Husband’s income: Increased by $10,000 (7.41%)

  • Commissions: Decreased by $43,708 (-38.44%)

  • Consumer Debt: Eliminated, showing 100% progress

  • Savings: Started at $0 and increased to $8,694 (100%)

  • Wife’s KiwiSaver: Increased by $16,716 (27.09%)

  • Husband’s KiwiSaver: Increased by $43,461 (18.13%)

  • Other Investments: Increased by $2,815 (119.94%)

Total Benefit/ Progress amounts to $112,896.

In addition, they cashflowed a few overseas trips, celebrated all their birthdays and had a couple of staycations.

One of the biggest achievement that they focused on was getting rid of their consumer debt. In addition, they built savings and had an increase in their KiwiSavers of $60,000. (They only contribute a minimum of 3% from their salaries)

Whenever I would ask them if they felt deprived, they responded that they love understanding where the money goes and they didn’t find that they had to sacrifice anything. 

You will also note that the husband has experienced a significant drop in his commission part of the income due to the slowing of the economy. Well, just because the economy is slowing down, doesn’t mean that my clients should.

Were these clients perfect and stuck to their program 100%? I wish 😊 But that’s the whole point. It is a big myth that we are being fed that we have to sacrifice and be perfect in order to achieve financial freedom.

But one thing they were perfect at was turning up to every monthly catchup. Imagine how far would anyone get to financially if they reviewed their financial progress every month? Most people don’t review it for decades.


The 6 figure result that you see above was not achieved by accident, they did not wing it or get lucky. There is a strategy behind it, a great deal of awareness and working smarter, not harder.

 By the way, these clients re-signed for another 12 months with me. What’s next for them is a holiday in Europe this winter, attacking that mortgage so they can pay it off in 13 years instead of 21, and retiring with $2.6m (in todays dollars). 

Do you want to discuss your strategy that is affordable and suitable for your situation? Then simply book a 30 minute consultation.

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