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Financial Coaching Client Case Study: Micheal and Janine

Michael and Janine originally came to us for assistance with property investment. Once the property was settled and tenanted they wanted to take their finances further by ensuring that every single dollar was stretched further and working harder for them.

investment advice

Hence they have decided to do our 12 Months Financial Coaching Program.

Both clients are in their early 60s and look forward to a great retirement in only a few short years. Let's take a look at their financial transformation, step by step: Client's Starting Point - August 2022: - Home loan balance: $183,297.00 - Term remaining: 9 years - Savings: $146,197.00 - Consumer debt: $10,259.00 - Income Combined (after tax): $125,773.00 - Client 1 KiwiSaver: $110,798.00 - Client 2 KiwiSaver: $50,000.00 - Overdraft balance: $10,259.00 - Boarder income: $15,600.00 As of 30 September 2023: - Home loan balance: $102,057.00 - Term remaining: 3 years - Savings: $97,795.00 - Consumer debt: none - Income Combined (after tax): $142,755.00 - Client 1 KiwiSaver: $133,314.00 - Client 2 KiwiSaver: $62,735.00 - Overdraft balance: $1,995.00 - Boarder income: $27,040.00 - Sinking Account (savings for holidays, gifts, car and house maintenance): $11,003.00 Progress Summary: - Home loan balance reduced by $81,240.00 - Term remaining decreased by 6 years - Savings decreased by $48,402.00 - Consumer debt eliminated - Combined income (after tax) boosted by $16,982.00 - Remarkable growth in KiwiSaver accounts thanks to our recommendations - Overdraft balance significantly reduced - Boarder income increased by $12,000 - Created and built up a thriving Sinking Account to take care of intermittent expenses Total Net Result: $126,037.00 Our clients found our recommended structures easy to follow. They didn’t have to wonder any more how to allocate their money when they get paid. The automated system did that for them. There was no deprivation or feeling restricted. Clients continued going out for dinners and travelling. The main thing that allowed them to achieve these results was recognising they needed help of a professional adviser and then just being more focused on their financial goals.

Imagine what You could achieve in the next 12 months with the right financial coaching 🤩. If you're interested in learning how you can create similar financial success or even better, simply book a 30 minute consultation.

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